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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 27, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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backman. >> greta's next. and we will continue in the green room. see you back here tomorrow night. >> the law is supposed to go into effect on thursday. your thoughts about it. >> i think it's a sign of how fed up the people of arizona were with the federal government failing to control the border. i think particularly after the killing of that one rancher by presumably people who come in illegally, folks have said enough t. tells you something that despite the negative publicity by the elites, overwhelmingly the people of support support it. >> 55% of the people of arizona support it.
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washington post article is reporting that the obama administration is deporting record numbers of illegal immigrants, more than the bush administration did in its last year or the year before. but they are way up over the bush administration. >> i thought it was a fascinating article. it makes you wonder: if the president is willing to be that aggressive about sending people out of the united states, why isn't he willing to be equally aggressive at the border, stopping them from coming into the united states? it's a very mixed kind of message he sends. the story indicated, implied that the federal government's becoming more aggressive identifying whether or not you are illegal while they are telling arizona not to find out if you are illegal, and they are ignoring sanctuary cities like san francisco. i think like a lot of things in this administration, it's a very muddled situation. >> muddled situation? or political? or what? >> i think different parts of the administration don't talk to each other. i think that you have the people who are in immigration are aggressively doing their job.
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the people at justice are doing the opposite of what the people at immigration are doing. and the politicians in the administration want to attack arizona for enforcing the law and want to ignore san francisco for being a sanctuary city that refuses to enforce the law. >> it's interesting theater for us to step back and watch this inconsistent messages sent out. but is that a serious problem for america? >> well, i think it's a serious problem because you have the same problem in the gulf in trying to deal with b.p. you are having the same problem in afghanistan where we are all going to get foknow more than we should from 70,000-plus documents. have you an administration which on jobs is incoherent. they would like to have more jobs except they want to punish the people who create jobs. so they are so busy punishing the people who create jobs that they have 9 1/2% unemployment. and according to the white house, the obama administration thinks they will have 9%
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unemployment. this is what the obama administration said. we will not give back to full employment until 2016. i mean, think about the messages. do they care aboutions? or is it more important ideologically to engage in warfare against the guys who create the jobs? >> in follow-up to that, are we seeing the reaction of that, with the states fighting back? you have arizona fighting back, saying, hey, look, if you are not going to do it, we are going to do it. you see the tea party movement, which is largely thumbing their nose at the federal government. are we seeing more people taking responsibility on the level of the state? >> the most vivid example is the lawsuits -- you are an attorney and i'm not -- all the lawsuits filed by attorneys general all on the health care bill. i don't remember any time you had this many attorneys general jointly filing lawsuits in their respective states over a federal law. i think there's what?
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17 or 20 states that have filed suit. >> i think it might be up to 20. what do you think the obama administration -- what do you think president obama's advisers are thinking about as they look at the arizona law going into effect on thursday, you have the suits in florida, fighting their national health care. you have the job numbers that are not there that they want. what are they saying to themselves? >> i am beginning to think that they are out of sync with the modern media because the modern media carries a lot more messages and is a lot more complicated than 25 or 30 years ago. my hunch is when they are saying is: if we can frighten enough latino voters over arizona, thath will help us there. if we can get the labor unions to turn out the vote, that will help us. i can't believe they are prepared to accept the defeat. i am assuming they have some model in their heads that tells them you can run a fairly
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hard-left administration and still somehow win in the fall elections. i don't see any data that supports that. but looking at what they are doing, you can't figure out any other model to explain why they are doing this. secretary of treasury tim geithner said he's willing to let the bush tax cuts expire except for those who make under $250,000. >> again, the people you hit the hardest at $250,000 are small businesses. the people who hire the most people in america are small businesses. i met with 26 small business leaders recently in st. louis. i met with 24 of them in stanford, connecticut. what they say everywhere i go is, we are not hire approximating anybody. we are not hiring anybody because between the health bill, the tax bill, the energy bill, we don't trust this administration and we don't think -- we are really worried about the uncertainty. there was a report today that there was 885 billion dollars in cash in major corporations, none
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of whom were creating new jobs. i think it's because people are so insecure about this administration and about geithner that they are saying, you know, fine. you want to tax me out of business. i won't hire any more people. and the result is you now have the longest period of unemployment we have had at this level since the great depression. and you have the administration saying as of last friday, they expect this to continue with us not recovering fully until 2016. that should be totally unacceptable to every american. >> is that 9%, you think then optimistic -- that's a terrible number. 9% -- >> if they allow the tax increases to go into effect in january, they will be repeating the mistake that was made in 1937 when a series of tax increases crushed the economy a second time. we had just begun to recover from the great depression and a series of tax increases in 1913
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led to an entirely new recession and put people back out of work again. >> the president had harsh words for your party today in connection with the disclose act that he's encouraging the senate to pass, which has to do with campaign finance. he says on issue after issue, we, meaning the democrats, are trying to move america forward and they, meaning the republicans, keep trying to take us back. >> well, all i can say is on health care, the country was about 60% opposed to his bill. on raising taxes, the country's 70% opposed to his bill. on filing suit against arizona, the country's 60% opposed to what he is doing. you go through case after case and i think the republican it's by the way the gallup poll indicated this was literally true. the republicans are today closer to the average american than the democrats. and i can't remember the last time that you had the republican party seen as the party that represents the average american, more than the democrats. and i think that's going to get
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steadily worse because of things like at this time president today -- >> how did you justify -- i guess you are not the right person to ask this, but in terms of the disclose act tdoesn't apply to everybody. certain groups are exempted from the campaign finance. the sierra club. the nra is exempted. i don't know if unions will be or not. if this is supposed to clean up and have transparentsy and get campaigning under control money-wise, why are these groups exempted? >> have you people like chuck shummer with millions millions d millions in campaign money he has raised. and they don't want to see competition from people who are not incumbents. this is not the disclose act, this is the suppress act. this is suppress the american people. suppress everybody except our favorite interest groups. they exempted the nra because they knew the nra could beat them. they exempted the siary club to balance it out --
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>> if the point is disclosure, to protect from special interests and if you cut out special interests and say, you are not exempt -- or you are exempt. >> i realize you are an idealist. but this bill was written by professional democratic party politicians to rig the game in favor of left-wing candidates and to do everything they could to suppress business interest. >> to game us? >> absolutely. i mean, this bill is just one more example of why people are sick about washington and fed up with politicians. >> mr. speaker, we are going to tick a quick break. we'll be right back. next, more with speaker gingrich. the speaker and sarah palin join forces against mayor bloomberg. the speaker says theres should e no mosque at ground zero until there is a church in saudi arabia. you want to hear this. and the week is absolutely nuts. the biggest news in the history of the view broke today.
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get continuing with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. mr. speaker, a lot of controversy certainly you object to this mosque >> mr. speaker, you object from
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this mosque being built at ground zero. >> i think it's outrageous. you have people who have proposed building a 13-story mosque at a time when the greek orthodox church has not been able to get its church rebuilt. they didn't -- they say they are interfaith. they didn't propose to build a mosque, church and synagogue. they said let's build a 13-story mosque in a community center which they initially called the cordoba house, named for a city in spain where a conquering muslim army replaced a church with a mosque. it was a very direct reminder historically that this is about conquest. this is about who wins. and i -- i frankly find it very offensive -- first of all for them to think that we are so stupid that they would use that title and we wouldn't notice it. there are over 100 mosques in new york city. i favor freedom of religion. i am quite happy if they would build a community center near
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central park, near columbia university. but they didn't. they said right at the edge of a place where let's be clear, thousands of americans were killed in an attack by radical islamists. >> why do you think mayor bloomberg, the attorney general of the state, andrew cuomo is in favor of it. >> i don't know why cuomo is afraid to ask where's the money coming from? >> greta: where is it coming from? >> i don't know. >> greta: aren't they ao obliged it tell us. >> they are talking about bringing bringing in $100 million. i find it very offense testify get lectured about religious liberty in a time when there are no churches churches and no synn saudi arabia and somebody's not saying why don't we have an interfaith facility?
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i would love for them to say let's build a church in mecca or saudi arabia and that would balance off the interfaith mosque in the world trade center. it is entirely one sided and i think it's a triumphal i'm that we should not tolerate. >> why would mayor bloomberg be in favor -- >> i think you should ask him. i can't -- >> greta: what he said, in fact, interesting thing is that governor sarah palin came out against it. and mayor bloomberg responded saying that the -- that efforts to derail the mosque are unamerican. >> see, i just think that's baloney. look, i like michael. he's a very good mayor. i don't know why he's taking this position. the idea of a 13-story building set up by a group many of whom frankly are very hostile to our civilization... and i am talk
1:16 am
about this people who organized this. many of whom are apologists for sharia which i think is a form of law we can't accept period. this is a fundamental choice here and the radicals -- not muslim who is want to live their own lives and co-exist with christians and jews, the radical islamist who is want to dominate the rest of us need to be confronted by us. this mosque is an illustration of what they are trying to do. >> greta: oliver stone, oscar-winning director says that jewish lobbies over washington's foreign policy and says that hitler's actions should be put in context. >> i think this puts the academy in hollywood right in the middle of a big problem. anyone who says hitler's acts need to be put in context, i think should be osstraicized. >> greta: is she dilutional?
1:17 am
>> i don't know what he is. adolph hitler was an evil person. >> greta: i don't think he doubts that. >> what does he mean by "put in context"? >> greta: i am not going to be an apologist for oliver stone, that's for sure. >> when we did our moveo pope john paul ii. it's horrifying. i would just say that i don't know what stone's excuse is, i don't know if he was quoted out of context -- >> greta: let's hope it's out of context. >> but i think he owes the country a real explanation. i think unless it's an apology that the academy has to do something to take stone head on because i don't see how hollywood can tolerate somebody who is an apologist for hitler. >> greta: of course, he says the jewish lobby's control over jewish foreign policy. >> which i think is the kind of language that i find totally unacceptable and frankly, untrue. >> greta: the former governor of vermont, howard dean said about
1:18 am
you, they, the republican party, needs intellectual leadership. i suppose -- do you agree with howard dean on this? >> i think the republican party has a number of great leaders, including people like paul ryan, mitch daniel. tim pawlenty, they may not have howard dean's particular ideology, but they can match -- >> greta: but, come on, you loved t. >> it was a great line. when he urged me to run, i said, i can't imagine a bettered ad for my opponent than to have newt gingrich, the howard dean candidate. [laughter] >> greta: mr. speaker, thank you, sir. >> great to be with you. >> greta: next, pakistan gained $500 million last week and now we learn they are two-timing us. what should we do? one of the biggest announcements in the history of "the view" --
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>> greta: with friends like these who needs enemies? the website wikleaks published
1:22 am
>> greta: the web site wikileaks issued disturbing news that shows that people in afghanistan are trying to harm our troops. pakistan, the country that we gave $500 million to last week and announced last month we are giving them $7.5 billion in american aid and pakistan allows its intelligence service to meet with the taliban and plan attacks on our troops. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolten joins us live. the first thing -- is this true? >> i don't doubt that it's true. but it is not particularly new. the pakistani interservice intelligence director, isi, as it's called, basically created the taliban. they set them up. they financed them and gave them weapons and helped them ultimately take over the country. it is a fact that pakistan is deeply divided been radical islam sifts who think that the
1:23 am
taliban is just fine and others more secular, more inclined to having a democratic society, where we and they near a desperate struggle for control of the country. >> they allow us to send our drones to pack and go after our enemy. but this is curious. i have heard this before, but i always hoped it was wrong. but the isi is their spy agency, likel cia, essentially doing that, aiding our enemy. >> it's a huge problem -- >> greta: it is -- >> absolutely -- >> greta: it is not like some islamic group. this is within the group. >> look, many of our military advisers have said part of the problem, even with legitimate, good-faith pakistani military efforts to go after the taliban or al qaeda on their side of the bord wer afghanistan have come to nought because at the critical moment, isi tells taliban what their own military are up to. so this is -- you cannot underestimate the difficulty, not only of the existing
1:24 am
problem, but of the threat that the razzical islam sifts and isi will end up taking control of the entire pakistani military. >> greta: and india's defense minister is saying of course -- of course, they are mortal enemies and have been -- india's defense minister is saying that we feel there is every possibility of diverting u.s. assistance against india, whether it is the $500 million last week or the $9.5 billion pledged last fall, we are not mejing money to pakistan to do horrible things to india. >> the indians have concern that the aid will be siphoned off in fighting taliban and al qaeda and used to beef up pakistani defenses against india. or worse, it will be diverted into supporting radical islam sifts in kashmir. look, this problem with pakistan goes back to the founding of the state at the time of partition, that the british did in 1947,
1:25 am
creating pakistan and india. it has gotten worse in the last 20 years. it's a problem we have to fight with every day. >> greta: is it catastrophic? or can we, quote, manage it? you know, this whole thing? where is this headd? >> i don't think we know. but i don't think we have any choice. i think the fundamental strategic interest of the united states, with respect to pakistan is making sure that its very large supply of nuclear weapons, estimated between 260 and 300 don't fall in the hands of taliban or al qaeda. >> greta: but the spy agency and house arrest -- >> more or less. >> greta: more or less in pakistan. i mean, if the spy agency is the one that is supplying our enemy and if they have access to the nuclear program, i don't know why we can have the least sense of comfort? >> well, i think we have every reason to be worried about it. it goes to a basic question: how we think we are best going
1:26 am
to advantage ourselves to keep control? that's personally why i favor keeping musharraf in power. i thought he was more likely to be able to purge the isi of the razzical islam sifts -- islamists than anyone else. >> greta: we have been to pakistan twice. you see the hand shaking and the agreement and everybody's all friends and wonderful. we are going to work together. you come home and you head read these horrible things, whether it's the rich siphoning off the mon frethe poor or we are giving $500 million to a country that's supplying our enemy. >> we are not there because we like these people particularly, because we think they are paragons of democracy or anything else. we are there because there is an american strategic interest. is it enough to make you tear your hair out? absolutely. is it enough to say we are sick and we are not going to get involved? not unless you are prepared to risk a substantial amount of
1:27 am
nuclear weapons being given to the taliban. >> greta: secretary has used very tough words to the pakistanis when i have been there. >> a lot of it is beneath the surface. we have to find ways to help the good guys, the nonradicals -- >> greta: the sefng. >> keep control of their country. >> greta: deeply disturbing. nice to see you, ambassador. next, harry reid, caught on tape, dropping a bomb, the "o" bomb. we will play it for you. something no governor needs getting caught in the middle of a controversy, between this situation and snooki. what's going on? stay tuned. d switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? can fútbol announcer andrés cantor make any sport exciting? ha sido una partida intensa hoy. jadrovski está pensando. está pensando. veamos que va a hacer. moverá la reina o moverá el caballo? que tensión. viene... viene, viene, viene... gooooooooooooooool!
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option dead you? may have thought so. but it may be sneaking its way back in. did you hear the health care battle was over? well, think again. listen to harry reid talking about the government-run public option. >> i wish we had a public option [cheers and applause] >> but we are going to have a public option, just a question of when. >> greta: joining us live is jeff bernbaum. public option, apparently not dead? >> apparently not. i am not sure that we should take the majority leader literally -- >> greta: i think his audience did. >> they were thrilled. he is a net roots nation conference, a group of liberal bloggers for the most part. and he was speaking to the democratic base. he needs as many democrats to come out for himself and fellow democrats around the country who are up for re-election, as he
1:32 am
can. and by talking about the public option and his belief in it, he is more or less saying, please, democrats, come out and vote for me and my fellow democrats. >> greta: he says, oh, we are going to have a public option. he is the senate majority letterhead. he may be speaking to the base of the people who wants to vote for him. but i think they would expect him to deliver. >> they expected him to deliver all along. they expected him to deliver this time in the health care law. but he didn't. and he has to explain that. there are a lot of people -- >> greta: he explained it by saying we are going to have one. i mean, he's a flat-out liar -- if he says we are going to have one and he's the senate majority leader and runs the legislation. >> he will have to -- people will make him take actions that will lead to a public option. they will expect him to spliews introduce one, to try to push t. i don't see the vote, especially if there are more republicans in the congress than next time
1:33 am
around. >> greta: maybe you are right. he was buttering up the crowd and they are naive and happy and clapping because he did go on to say, at one point -- i admire -- about the left-wing bloggers. i admire how you pursue the truth as relentlessly as you reveal hipockcracy. uh-oh. you shine much-needed light on fear tactics and much-needed information. i am calling on you to call them out. >> if he doesn't deliver on this, they will call him out. he is speaking to a group that is not completely trusting of him and not a big advocate of him, going back a long way. he is an an anti-abortion democrat. i mean, he -- he is against -- he is voted against a row v. wade and other issues. he's a moderate democrat. and he is not a favorite of the people he was speaking to. >> greta: you know what?
1:34 am
if i felt that i was just being flim-flammed, if i am in the audience and thought he was saying, we are going foa public option to,a muse me or flim-flam me. i would corner him between now and november, whether it's with a flip cam or catch him in a debate and say, what do you mean by that? >> when are you going to introduce a public option? i am sure he will be asked about that. i think he will be asked bidemocrats and republicans as well. this was music to their ears. they were applauding because they think that advocating a public option is something they can use against him and other democrats in the election because not -- has not just the health reform bill been shown in the polls to be unpopular with a majority of americans, but the public option has as l. >> i looked up the polls, july 12 to 18 to see how he's going because i have a few bets. speaker gingrich told me he won't win and rasmussen has
1:35 am
angle up by 3. >> it's a very close race. too close to call. considering his unpopularity in previous polls, it's amazing that he is even tied with her. so i think your bet is probably closer to what is likely to happen. >> i think he will clean up. he's on a roll. if you look at the polls, his trend has been totally upward, one or two tv markets at most. it is not that expensive. he has a lot of money. and his opponent has had missteps along the way. i think he's going to win. >> well, i think -- she's been praised -- with her ability lately to avoid saying anything in public. that's not the kind of thing that you want 206 as praise for your campaign. she's, let's say a weak candidate. >> greta: all right. we will see. we are 99 days away. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: now a campaign flash... the u.s. senate race is getting nasty in the state of florida. yes, marco rubio and charlie
1:36 am
crist have been lobbing heat-seeking missiles at each other for months. but tonight, we are talking about the democrats. kenned rick meek ran his first tv ad, skewering his primary opponent, jeff greene. >> i am kenned rick meek and i approve this message. >> running for congress as a california republican. moved to florida two years ago. became a billionaire on wall street so middle class families lost their homes. warren buffett called greene, financial weapons of mass destruction. >> my friends and my past, when i was single. some of it's true, none of it matters. >> betting on suffering does matter. >> on the record for the latest out of florida. next, steve moorhead with big problems with treasury secretary tim geithner. we'll let steve explain himself. the countdown is on, days away from arizona's tough illegal immigration law going into effect. grif jenkins has a report from
1:37 am
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for a 30-tablet free trial offer, i'm chef michael, and i love to delight bailey's senses.too. don't i? [ barks ] because i think food speaks a language of love. that's what inspired me to rethink dry dog food.
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1:41 am
says workers will begin a two-step process to kill b.p.'s ruptured well. the first procedure will attempt to blast mud and cement into the top of the well. if all goes well, workers will shoot in more debris from deep underground. that final phase could begin august 7 and take days or weeks. at present, the oil is being contained by a temporary cap. some high-elevation work underway at this very moment. you are looking at a live shot from the international space station. two russian astronauts have exited the orbitter to improve cable connections to the newest module. one of the men was heard saying, quote, innocent it beautiful? as he stepped outside the space station. the spacewalk is expected to last several more hours. back to greta. >> greta: everyone wants to know: are your taxes going up this january? tim geithner said this about the expiration of the bush tax cuts.
1:42 am
>> you think that's the responsible thing to do because we need to make sure that we can show the world that we are willing as a country to make progress bringing down our long-term deficits. >> don't you think it will slow economic growth? >> no. just letting the tax cuts that go to the highest-earning americans to expire i dont think will have a negative effect on growth. >> greta: really? you know what? if he had better history trend since a year and-a-half in office, i would be more inclined -- he might be right. but the trend is not going his way itch they are concerned about the budget deficit for the first time. >> greta: 18 months. i would rather see more progress. >> right. this isn't the first time in 18 months that this white house has talked about paying for anything. we had the huge $800 billion stimulus plan and the health care bill and the cash for clunkers and the takeover of the auto industry and the unemployment bill last week. none of this has been paid for. so a lot of americans think there is a double standard here.
1:43 am
when the democrats want to raise spending, they don't pay for it. when the republicans cut taxes, they demand that this be paid for. this is not a tax cut. this is keeping the taxes where they have been the last four years. >> greta: all right. if the taxes expire come january, that means everybody's taxes go up. that's quote, a tax increase. i mean, that's what the republicans -- >> warren buffett, anybody in between. >> greta: when do you expect that the democrats will make and move the legislation to do anything about that? will that be before mid-terms or after mid-terms? >> nobody knows for sure. i menged to you before on this, there is talk that they would do this in the lame duck session of congress, after the elections -- >> greta: and why is that? >> because they can't make up their mind and they can't get the votes to extend any of the tax cuts. >> greta: it is different, i think. i think it's because they don't want to offend the voters because they are worried about being elected and they don't want to upset the apple cart before the mid-term elections.
1:44 am
>> but they have had over 3 1/2 years now to fix this problem of the tax cuts expiring. i think, you know, i think the big problem is that even the higher income tax rates chrk tim geithner said he wants to raise. over half of that income is income of small business owners and operators and ambassadors. you can't create jobs if you tax those people more. >> greta: there are two considerations -- one is whether it's wise to let them expire or not. that's the first consideration. the second consideration is when they do that. if they do that before mid-term elections, it allows the american people to weigh in on it. if they do it in the lame-duck session between the mid-terms and january 1, it is the most cowardly thing possible. >> i agree. >> greta: tim geithner said the responsible thing to do, when i talk about the responsible thing to do, if they are going to do it, they should do it before mid-term elections so the americans can weigh in. >> that way the american people can decide, do they want to vote for the people who got the tax
1:45 am
cut it's, and i we don't get gamed. >> both parties make promises they can't keep. they can promise to extend the middle-class tax cuts and it's a bait and switch. >> greta: personal, capital gains and estate taxes. but what the democrats at least -- or least we are hearing them proposing if you make more than $250,000, it will go up from 35% to 39.6. >> it's a bad idea. those are the people who create the jobs the. they are small business owners and operators and another thing. if we do that, if we allow the top tax rate to go to 40%, then small business operators and owners are going to pay a higher tax rate than exxon mobile or disney or major corporations because the corporate tax rate is 35%. there is not a lot of fairness in that. >> >> greta: if the tax does rise.
1:46 am
let's say it rises for those making more than $250,000 and we have the risk of inhibiting growth. what does that tax rate do to bring down the deficit? i mean, is it worth it? as we weigh it. >> in my opinion it isn't. when we cut the capital gains tax, we get more revenue. if we can stimulate growth -- >> greta: you know, then it goes back to whether or not we take secretary geithner's advice. i would think he gives strong advice if we had a trend that was much more favorable since february of '09 until now. if we were in a strong eye would say plet's go with it. >> nothing they have done has worked and bernanke, a pretty important economist, he said this week, he thinks we should keep the tax cuts in place until we are out of the recession. >> greta: i think the fair thing to do is -- >> do it now. >> greta: do it -- make the decision before the election so we know it's done for the right
1:47 am
reasons and not for political reasons and because they have a strong conviction that it's the right thing to do. >> amen to that. >> greta: ain't that -- >> they had 3 1/2 years to do it. i think they are going to kick it to late november or december, after the voters have spoken. you can have a situation where if republicans take the house, the democrats could say, we are not going to do that. we will kick this to the next congress. >> greta: steve, thank you. >> see you. >> greta: the countdown is on, thursday. arizona's new immigration law goes into effect. grif jenkins is on the ground in arizona with the latest. >> reporter: with just days to go before arizona's new immigration law takes effect, we are on the ground with complete coverage from lawmakers to sheriffs to concerned citizens. we expect large protests here at the state capitol, already, a large gathering of media,
1:48 am
satellite trucks trucks and scag and barricades in anticipation of this thursday. statewide polls and national polls have shown, americans support arizona's new immigration law. they're upset about the violence and drug trafficking and the overbearing costs of education, health care and incarceration of illegal immigrants. opponents have said if the law goes into effect, tell lead to discrimination and racial profiling and it will be anabomination of civil rights. so the showdown is set, unless a federal judge intervenes and stops it, sb-1070, as it's known here, will become the law of the land on thursday. the murder of a local rancher on the mexican border earlier this year was the turning point that demanded action. so we will take you down to the border to that ranch and speak with his widow, when she goes "on the record" tomorrow night.
1:49 am
>> grif will be on the ground in arizona all week. we will have the latest every night here at 10:00 p.m. eastern. next, the best of the rest. history's about to be made on "the view." this is so big, barbara walters is coming back early from medical leave. what could be so big to have barbara race back? find out next. if you think politicians have messy controversies have you heard about the one that governor chris christy has? in the middle of a jersey shore controversy. the situation. a full report, next. my wife thinks we stay at quali hotels
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u.d here's the best of the rest. history is about to be made on "the view." >> we have to start with one of the biggest announcements we have probably ever made. first of all, barbara walters will be making a special appearance before her return in september for this. so this is really big news. okay? thursday's show, july 29, our guest will be president barack obama. [cheers and applause] it's the first time... it's the first time in history that a sitting president will be appearing on a daytime talk show. we we are, you know, we are thrilled. >> and honored.
1:54 am
it's an honor. >> we will talk about all kinds of stuff. we will have all five of us together. >> he really likes us. the last time he came on, he was running. so it was barack. now it's "mr. president." >> it was before he ran, while he was running and then now -- i mean, this is truly -- >> very nice. >> yeah. >> and all of those cute security guards. >> security guard -- no secret service. >> secret service, baby. >> thursday's the day, the big day. not talking about sb-1070 going into effect. thursday's also the season premiere of mtv's jersey shore. guess who is in the middle of a jersey shore controversy? none other than governor chris christy. apparently, governor christy is not a fan of the show. >> what it does is take a bunch of new yorkers, who are the people on jersey shore. it takes a bunch of new yorkers and drops them at the jersey
1:55 am
shore and tries to make america feel like this is new jersey. come to new jersey any time. the jersey shore is a beautiful place and you should come out this summer. >> we are trying to reach the situation for a comment. but there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, you think americans have a low opinion of congress? you haven't heard anything yet. stay tuned. [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. american standard heating & air conditioning. it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways to spend in retirement that can help your money last, whatever your plans. like, if we wanted to travel?
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also available in powder. this has been medifacts for boost. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those >> 11 clock is almost here. it's last call. jay leno is not just a comedian, he's a pollster. >> a new gallup poll show congress's approval rating a record low, 11%. only 11% of americans approve of the job congress is doing. the other 89% will withhold judgment until congress does something. >> we are not sure what the margin of error is on that one. but that's the last call. lights are blinking. if you want to know why governor perry didn't appear on our show? i posted in gretawire. thank you for being with us tonight. we will see you tomorrow. followous twitter. "the o'reilly factor" is next. go to gretawire right


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